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Buying Process


Barb understands the many questions and concerns of home buyers, so she designed this look to assist you with the purchase of your new home. It is her goal to provide you with the most professional and informative service available, and She is always just a call away when you have a question.


Entering into a Buyer Agency Relationship with a trusted Realtor expands the services provided by the Realtor and can benefit you greatly. Not only will your Realtor keep you informed of the latest listings, but she will also be a source of knowledge as you navigate the process of home buying. An agent can have frank discussions on price and value of a home you are considering. Unsure of what to offer for a home? Your agent should provide you with comparables for closed sales occurring over the past 12 months in the area of the home you are considering and be familiar with the condition of those homes. Need professional guidance to negotiate a successful contract? Your agent can discuss strategy and help you determine how best to negotiate while keeping your interests at the forefront. In some cases, a particularly appealing home will attract multiple offers, and you want to be sure you are represented as effectively as possible. According to the SC Disclosure of Real Estate Brokerage Relationships, in order “for a buyer to become a client, the buyer and agent must sign a Buyer Agency Agreement that sets forth “the terms of the agreement in writing and must clearly establish the terms of the agreement and the obligations of both the buyer and the Company which becomes the agent for the buyer.” Among the obligations of the agent to the buyer are the following: Obedience, Loyalty, Disclosure, Confidential Accounting, and Reasonable Care and Skill.” And the best part? In most cases, you can enjoy the professional guidance and counsel of a Realtor without incurring additional cost. In the Aiken SC market, the vast majority of commissions paid to Buyer Agents are paid by the seller or the seller’s agent.

Consultation to Analyze Needs
Establish a Working Relationship
Financial Pre-Approval
Select Properties
View Properties
Write an Offer to Purchase
Acceptance of Contract
Closing the transaction
Moving Check List
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