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Seller's Agent/Listing Agent


A seller's agent acts solely on behalf of the seller. A seller's agent has fiduciary duties to the seller which include reasonable care, undivided loyalty, confidentiality, and full disclosure.

Although a seller's agent does not represent the buyer, a seller's agent must treat buyers honestly and fairly. A seller's agent must also disclose all material facts about the seller's property that are known by the broker.
A seller's agent:


  • Prepares a comparative market analysis of the seller's home
    or property.

  • Develops and implements effective marketing strategies for the seller, including asking price, staging, and positioning.

  • Informs the seller how much other homes and properties have sold for in the area.

  • Presents all offers and counsels seller on what price to accept.

  • Negotiates exclusively on the seller's behalf.

  • Updates the seller on market conditions.

  • Prepares an estimate of closing costs.

  • Works closely with the seller to assure a smooth closing.  

  • Monitors all dates, events, and requirements for the seller.

  • Represents the seller's interest at the buyer's walk-through inspection.

  • Attends the closing with the seller.

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